Terms and Conditions

1. Payment will be made to the registered owner only . We will compare sellers original ID with the name in the Registration Certificate. We will retain one copy of ID with us for signature verification by RTO. We will go through with the transaction only if the seller is the registered owner of the vehicle.

2. Seller is required to hand over original Registration Certificate (R/C) and original valid Insurance Certificate for the vehicle being sold. In case the original is not available we are not liable to purchase the vehicle . The seller will be required to sign the required RTO forms and related documents (TT Sets which are legally required for transfer of ownership) at the time of transaction.

3. We will verify the vehicle to be sold . The would include verification of Make , Model , Year of Registration Hypothecation charge , ownership count , engine and chassis no (or frame no), colour etc. In addition ,we will also physically verify the actual condition of seller’s vehicle and compare it with the condition mentioned in the questionnaire by the seller or observed during the initial valuation. We will not go ahead with the transaction or offer different terms if any of the information provided by the seller is found to be incorrect or vehicle condition found different compared to time of valuation.

4. If there is Hypothecation charge on the Registration Certificate , then we would not go ahead with the transaction . If the Seller has obtained a No Objection Certificate from the Financing Authority whose lien is recorded in the R/C , we may go ahead with the transaction solely at our discretion. We may deduct a token amount from the final price in such an eventuality to take care of additional RTO transfer expenses

5. Guaranteed Price offer and Best Market Price offer is valid for 3 days only from the date of valuation.

6. Transactions will be done through our used vehicle dealer associates and not by us.

7. Minimum Guaranteed price offer and Best Market price offer are valid only for vehicles registered in Mumbai and extended suburbs such as Thane , Kalyan , New Bombay , Panvel etc.

8. Vehicles sold by the seller are purchased in good faith either by us or by our used vehicle associates , with the assumption that they do not have any pending legal case or any RTO penalties due or any other encumbrances which would prevent the vehicle to be transferred to the buyer .If it is found later that the vehicles can not be transferred for any of the above reasons , the seller takes full responsibility to resolve such issues and get the vehicle transferred to the new buyer or alternately the seller will purchase back the vehicle.

9. We reserve the right for not going ahead with the transaction , without assigning any reason whatsoever.