How Does it Work

Selling your old bike or scooter has never been so simple . The transaction is completed in 4 simple steps
1. Register and fill up vehicle information
2. Get "Best Market Price offer" through a unique bidding process .
3. Complete the transaction
4. Transfer and peace of mind

1. Register and fill up vehicle information

At Real Value Bikes we have done extensive research spread over hundreds of transactions to try and understand the parameters which determine the resale price of a two wheeler.

We have converted this understanding in to a few simple questions. These questions are easy to understand and you need not have any specialised technical knowledge to answer any of the questions. Add a few photographs and video of the vehicle you.

As a seller all you are required to do is the above! The rest is taken care by us.

2. "Best Market Price"

On the basis of the information provided by you, our innovative and proprietary algorithm tool will give you a instant Minimum Guaranteed Price offer which is valid for 3 days.

In addition by means of our unique bidding algorithm tool, we conduct a online bidding for your vehicle with several reputed used bike associates from all corners of the city. This process ensures that All it takes is a couple of hours to do this entire process.

Thus the price you get is the “Best Price “ and you can be rest assured that you will not get a better price than what we offer from any source. What’s more you can close the transaction at the “Best Price within a matter of few hours.

If you still feel that you need to check the prices yourself, by all means do shop around . And can come to us any time within 3 days to close the transaction

3. Complete the transaction

Anytime in this 3 day period you can simply confirm you willingness to immediately complete the transaction through our leading and reputed used bike associates at the Best Market Price.

At this stage , we will check the ownership of the vehicle , availability of documents such as R/C book and insurance , check the correctness of the information which has been filled in the questionnaire with the actual condition of the vehicle.

4. Transfer and peace of mind

The vehicle purchased by you will be sold by the used bike associate to a new buyer. Vehicle ownership transfer is also initiated at this stage.

Thus as part of the process, we make sure that a proper NOC or transfer is effected by the concerned RTO so that you are saved from any future hassle pertaining to your old vehicle.

In short you get a complete peace of mind.