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Guaranteed Price and Assured Buyer

Best Market Price

Get Minimum Guaranteed price for your bike through a simple 3 step online valuation process.

Vehicle Certification

Best Market Price Offer

Come for free inspection and initiate a unique online bidding process to get the Best Market Price for your vehicle. No wasting time in finding a buyer and negotiating individually. We have an assured buyer ready to close the transaction! NOW !!

Assured Transfer

Assured Transfer

When your bike gets sold , we ensure that the ownership is transferred to the buyer giving you a complete peace of mind

We offer Best Market Price , hassle free transaction experience and post sale peace of mind!

How we rate









  • Engine noise - Clutch
  • Engine noise - Tappet
  • Engine noise - Connecting Rod
  • Smoke level
  • Visual condition of Engine Casting
  • Engine starter condition
  • Vehicle pick up
  • Over all condition of paint/ repainting
  • Presence of Rusting
  • Any accident related damages
  • Graphics and stickers
  • Condition of fuel tank , side panels , front panels, faring, mudguard , fenderss
  • Rear view mirrors : left and right
  • Vehicle alignment
  • Battery condition
  • Headlight functioning
  • Side indicators functioning and condition for front and rear
  • Brake light functioning and condition
  • Horn functioning
  • Instrument cluster functioning
  • Functioning of speedo , fuel gauge and other gauges
  • Condition of switches
  • Condition of front and rear tyre
  • Condition of front and rear wheel rims
  • Condition of alloy wheels if applicable
  • Condition of front and real wheel bearings
  • Condition of front fork and frame
  • Oil leakage from shock absorbers
  • Accident marks on suspension
  • Condition of front shock absorber
  • Condition of front shock absorber
  • Ease of gear engagement
  • Gear slippage
  • Abnormal transmission noise
  • Clutch condition
  • Transmission belt condition (for scooter)
  • Chain and sprocket condition (for Motorcycle)
  • Efficiency of front and rear brakes in test ride
  • Condition of Brake shoe and liners
  • Brake free play
  • Condition of front disc brakes
  • Age of vehicle
  • No of previous owners
  • Kilometers run
  • Hypothecation details
  • Availability of original registration certificate and original valid insurance cover
  • ID check for seller , signature verification
  • Verification of registration document with seller ID
  • Matching of R/C with actual vehicle for vehicle no. , engine no., VIN no.,& Colour

Why Real Value Bikes!

Real Value Bikes is the only platform which offers you a Minimum Guaranteed Price in a matter of minutes on a basis of a simple registration cum evaluation process.

In addition, we offer to do free inspection of your vehicle. The vehicle information is captured online and sent simultaneously though our servers to a large no of reputed used bike associates from all parts of the city. An online bidding is conducted where these associates bid for the vehicle on the basis of information provided. This bidding process ensures that the “best market price” is discovered for your used vehicle . You can be rest assured that you will not get a better price than what we offer from any where in the city. All this is done in a matter of hours.

We are so confident about our prices that we keep our offer valid for 3 days so that you can verify for yourself that our offer is indeed the best in the market. You can come back to us any time in this period and complete the transaction through us.

As per the law, the owner as per the RTO records is legally liable and responsible for the vehicle. This is irrespective of the fact that the vehicle is sold by the owner.

It is common practice that buyers of used two wheelers do not get the vehicle transferred in their names. The reasons are a) further drop in prices when they want to sell the vehicle b) cost involved in the transfer process c) cost involved in renewal of insurance every year.

Since the new owner may not getting the vehicle transferred in his/her name , they have absolutely no incentive to get the vehicles insured.

Thus the used vehicle continue to run on the road without transfer with no insurance cover even for 3rd party damages.

Technically, as a owner on record for the vehicle, you continue to be fully liable for any 3rd party damage or loss , even if you can prove that the vehicle has been sold by you. Non transfer of vehicle is thus a huge risk to the seller

At Real Value Bikes , we make sure that this does not happen. All the vehicles are purchased by reputed dealers . They make sure that the ownership is transferred to the new owners, giving you a complete peace of mind.

The entire evaluation happens online on the basis of a information provided by the seller. The minimum guarantee price is generated instantaneously.

The seller can get the “Best Market Price Offer” through a free vehicle inspection process. To maintain complete transparency, the entire inspection process (including capturing photos and videos) is explained to the seller and is done in the presence of the seller.

This information is then sent online to a large no. of reputed used bike associates. A bidding process is initiated and bids are received from different corners of the city. Bidding process ensures that the “Best Market Price” is discovered and offered to seller.

Once the inspection is done there is no human intervention to ensures a completely objective and transparent pricing process. The price does not depend on your urgency to sell.

Selling through Real Value Bikes is the most convenient way to sell your used two wheeler. Without having to do anything other than the initial valuation, you can complete the transaction at the “Best Market Price” available anywhere in the city. That too in a matter of few hours.

Additionally the assurance of transfer ensures saves you from any issue related to your old vehicle.

Thus in a true sense, Real Value Bikes gets you a complete peace of mind.